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  • Flex foil terminator                              Machine for stitching all kinds of contacts on a flexible circuit
    real product might be different from this image

    Contact type:

    Duflex contacts (Amphenol - FCI)
    Crimpflex 1.27 and 2.54 (Nicomatic)
    Tyco 1.127 (TE Connectivity)

    Wire type:

    Flexible circuits (FPC and FFC) 0,11 till 0,38 mm


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    Product description

    the flex foil terminator crimps a programmed number of contacts one by one on a flex foil, while the foil indexes automatic to the next track. Stitching the contacts one by one gives you a perfect crimp quality.
  • It consists out of a generic machine with an applicator. A different contact can be crimped by simply changing the applicator.
  • A wide range of applicators exist for lots of different contact types from different suppliers.
  • The flex-foil must be placed on an index table.
  • After pressing a foot pedal, the machine starts and locks the flex-foil with a clamp.
  • The optical tracking system will detect the first track and the terminator will crimp the programmed numbered of contacts on the foil.
  • The optical tracking system excludes misallignment errors from the operator.
  • Up to 4 contacts/second.
  • Very easy to change the crimp height for foils with different thickness.
  • Suitable for flex-foils with up to 38 tracks.
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