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  • Crimp to wire
  • Strip tools
  • IDC Discrete wire
  • IDC Flatcable
  • Flexible circuits
  • Pre-assembl. pressfit
  • Single pin pressfit
  • Closing covers
  • Ferule Crimp
  • Connector assembly
  • Others

  • Crimp to wire                                     Crimp to wire
    This tooling is used to crimp a contact around a stripped stranded wire. In our cross reference table you find an over view of the most popular contacts with their corresponding tooling.
    Strip tools                                       Strip tools
    Tooling for preparing and stripping complex cables. We also provide total solutions custom made for complex cables: stripping the cables, dressing the wires, … until the point where the connector is attached with IDC, soldering, … For more information contact us.
    IDC Discrete wire                                 IDC Discrete wire
    Tooling for connectors who connect a stranded or solid wire to an IDC connector using the insulation displacement connection technique. This is a quick and easy termination method.
    Check our cross reference table to match the right tool with your connector.
    Here you can find the difference between the models.
    IDC Flatcable                                     IDC Flatcable
    This tooling is used to crimp IDC connectors (Quickie, Clincher,...) on a flat-cable.
    Flexible circuits                                 Flexible circuits
    Tooling for crimping duflex contacts and connectors to flex foil strips.
    Pre-assembl. pressfit                             Pre-assembl. pressfit
    Presses used to insert pre-assembled press-fit connectors into the holes of a printed circuit board.
    We have a wide range of machines with different levels of automatisation, from manual presses up to full automatic pick and place machines with board and component feeders.
    Single pin pressfit                               Single pin pressfit
    This toolings inserts press-fit pins one-by-one into the holes of a printed circuitboard.
    Closing covers                                    Closing covers
    Tooling for closing connector covers and hoods by reveting or cold stacking the two parts together.
    Ferule Crimp                                      Ferule Crimp
    Tooling for crimping inner and outher ferules on a cable so it fits perfect in the connector cover.
    Connector assembly                                Connector assembly
    Machines to assemble connectors. Platforms for the production of the first connectors series up to high speed production lines with integrated testing and packing.
    Others                                            Others
    Additional tooling to help you assemble cables, backplanes,… as easy as possible.
    PCMCIA                                            PCMCIA
    PCMCIA consists out of 2 metal (ROCARD) covers with or without antenna extension. Our tooling is developed to close these 2 covers with a pcb and a connector inside so it makes a nice solide item which fits into a laptop. Check our cross reference table to match the right tool with your PCMCIA covers.
    Hot riveting                                      Hot riveting
    Riveting right angle connectors on a pcb by melting the plastic pegs from the connectors and disforming them.
    Direct Attach                                     Direct Attach
    This tooling is used for soldering wires to pcb's and stamped and formed contacts for high speed applications.
    Contact us at +32 (0)3 216 19 98
    Our specialists can guide you trough our wide range of tooling in French, German, English and Dutch.
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