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  • Perfect for daughter boards
    A pneumatic portal press (Unipress 500PP) can develope a high insert force (56kN) and it had a large ram to insert a complete row of connectors on one stroke, like on daughter boards.

    Extract and repair
    If no high insertion force (<32kN) is required and the number of insertions per day is limited then a manual press could be a good solution. In combination with the right repair tool/adaptor, it could be also very usefull to extract inserted connectors out of the pcb and to reinsert a new one without desturbing the normal production flow on your high volume production machines.

    Unipress 500 M

    Manual positioning of the pcb
    on an XY table or flat bed.

    For prototype series
    repair and back-up solution

    Unipress 500 PP

    Manual positioning of the pcb on a flat bed
    High insertion force (56kN)

    For medium and high volume production
    of the same type of boards


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