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    This tooling is used to crimp a contact around a stripped stranded wire. In our cross reference table you find an over view of the most popular contacts with their corresponding tooling.
    Manual tools
    10118656-1000 (Order no: 10118656-1000 )
    Crimping pliers for WTB 1.25mm

    RCY21260 (Order no: RCY21260 )
    for 1.0mm WTB terminal (FCI)

    RCY21261 (Order no: RCY21261 )
    for High density D-Subminiature contacts (male/female) (FCI)

    RCY21343 (Order no: RCY21343 )
    for MDR6 series (Gran-Tek Technology)

    RCY21151W (Order no: RCY21151W )
    Crimping pliers for Mini-tek AWG 26-30

    RCY21152W (Order no: RCY21152W )
    Crimping pliers for Minitek™ AWG 32-36

    RCY21153W (Order no: RCY21153W )
    Crimping pliers for minitek™ AWG 22-24

    RCY21208 (Order no: RCY21208 )
    Crimping pliers for Mini-PV AWG 22-26

    RCY21219 (Order no: RCY21219 )
    Crimping pliers for Mini-PV AWG 18-20

    RCY21234 (Order no: RCY21234 )
    Crimping pliers for Dubox AWG 22-30

    RCY21235 (Order no: RCY21235 )
    Crimptool for Dubox contacts AWG 20-22

    8638CTP-01 (Order no: 8638CTP-01 )
    Crimping pliers for power contacts

    8656-3001 (Order no: 8656-3001 )
    Crimping pliers for 8656 Series, 0,08 - 0,5 mm²

    8656-3005 (Order no: 8656-3005 )
    Crimping pliers for 8656 Series , 0,08 - 0,5 mm²

    HT101 (Order no: HT101 )
    Crimping pliers for jumbo PV AWG 18-20

    HT102 (Order no: HT102 )
    Crimping pliers for CTW-Male Pin AWG 22-32

    HT110 (Order no: HT110 )
    Crimping pliers for CTW-Male Pin AWG 18-20

    HT112 (Order no: HT112 )
    Crimping pliers for Mini-PV AWG 34-36

    HT250 (Order no: HT250 )
    Crimping pliers for Dubox AWG 22-24

    HT251 (Order no: HT251 )
    Crimping pliers for Dubox AWG 26-30

    HT430 (Order no: HT430 )
    Universal crimp tool for coax and mini-coax inserts and for furele for the 5 row Metral connector

    5106.013.02.02SERV (Order no: 5106.013.02.02SERV )
    Crimping pliers for DIN 5159 series contacts

    6410HT01 (Order no: 6410HT01 )
    Crimp tool for HE13

    8476-01 (Order no: 8476-01 )
    Crimping tool for 8630, 8635 Series and trim-trio contacts

    HT207 (Order no: HT207 )
    Crimping pliers for Mini-PV (small insulation) AWG 22-26

    5106.013.02.03 (Order no: RCY21000andRCY2100A2 )
    Crimping pliers for 5159 Series (Medium power)

    RCY21119 (Order no: RCY21119 )
    Crimping pliers for CTW male pin AWG 22-26

    RCY21217 (Order no: RCY21217 )
    Crimping pliers for jumbo PV, AWG 22-26

    HT49 (Order no: HT49 )
    Handtool for crimping Maxi-PV

    HT95 (Order no: HT95 )
    Crimping pliers for Mini-PV AWG 22-32

    LTA101055 (Order no: LTA101055 )
    Pneumatic crimptool for FCI power contact 72715-701 (AWG 12-26)

    MH860 (Order no: MH860 )
    Crimping pliers for trim/trio contacts

    HT129 (Order no: HT129 )
    Crimping pliers for relimate AWG 22-26

    HT130 (Order no: HT130 )
    Crimping pliers for relimate

    HT94 (Order no: HT94 )
    Crimping pliers for Mini-PV (Stackable) AWG 22-32

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