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  • Clincher™ (FCI)
    The Clincher™ 0.1" (2.54mm) pitch connector family includes single-row pin and receptacle connectors designed for termination to flat flexible circuitry. FCI’s proven Clincher design has become the standard by which other products are judged. All receptacle connectors use the same customer-preferred and patented Clincher contact and are ideal for applications where shock or vibration are concerns.

    Different solutions
    Handtools are available for small connectors, bench presses and air operated bench presses are available for the larger connectors and offer a more ergonomic way of working.

    Hand tools

    Crimps 2, 3 or 4 contacts in one time.
    (partno: HT270.02 )
    For small series of foils with 2 to 4 tracks.
    Manual bench press

    Can crimp a Clincher™ connectors up to 32 positions.
    For small and medium volume production.

    Air operated clincher press (20kN) for foils up to 32 positions.
    For high volume prouction

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